Try Something New

Summer is a great time for outdoor sports and there is a large selection of sports to choose from. Here are some that you may not have tried yet but you should. All of these sports require mind and body strength so be ready for what you are getting into.

Hang Gliding Sure you have heard about it. Maybe you have seen it but it is changing in ways you never thought possible. No longer a sport for gliding at relatively slow speeds for as long as possible, hang gliding is going over the egde. Hang gliding speed run is one of the new evolutions. Flying down a mountain, sometimes no more than one foot off the ground, racing around poles and through checkpoints reaching speeds over 65 mph. The hang gliding speed run is often done at ski resorts where they already have the mountain and the trails for flying down/over. Racers are timed, fastest one down wins. Plus, have you ever seen a hang glider pull a loop? How about a spiral dive? Even a loop with a change of direction at the top? No? this is hang gliding acrobatics where judges score contestants on a number of different factors. The average person will not be able to try these new versions without a great deal of traditional hang gliding experince so start with the classic.

Kite Boarding Growing fast kite boarding combines two great things: air and water. You can skim the waters surface, riding a blue wave and then pull up high into the air reaching heights of 15-20 feet. With your feet strapped into a board resembling a wakeboard and a harness connecting you to the kite you steer your way across the water and through the air with the kite's handles in each hand. This sport is growing rapidly and lessons are available in many areas. Chances are, it will come near you soon.

Mountain Boarding It is snowboarding on the grass. It is skateboarding off-road. It is surfing on land. It is different things to different people but it is still "way narly." Mountain board rentals are available at many mountain resorts. Take the lift to the top and ride your board to the bottom. You can "carve" down the mountain, take some huge jumps, and relax on the way up. Lessons are available at most mountain resorts that offer mountain boarding. Enjoy your favorite snowboard trails in the summer!

There are many other great outdoor adventure sports out there. The best tip is to keep an open mind and try them out. You may find your new favorite outdoor sport or at least have a great story to tell co-workers.

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