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What's New

Recent updates to Avalanche are listed here. The site is updated almost daily with fresh features for your enjoyment so check back often.

6/17/02 - New Videos: Mountain Biking
Avalanche's effort to expand the video collection continues with the addition of three great mt. biking videos. Click Here

6/17/02 - New Videos: Kayaking
Avalanche has some great new videos for all the kayak fans out there. Thanks to the fine people at White Water Warriors for letting us use the videos. Expect many more videos in the days to come. Click Here

6/13/02 - New Article: Mt. Bike Chain Tips
Mt. Biking is a great way to have fun outdoors and stay in shape, except when that stupid chain pops off! Learn some great tips on how to keep the chain on the gears and keep you riding without worries. Click Here

6/9/02 - New Design: The Entire Site!
The entire site has gotten a new look, new navigation and new colors. Explore the site to check it all out.
Click Here

5/29/02 - New Article: Kamikaze Drop
Feelings of excitement and fear help you and your mountain bike to navigate and conquer Kamikaze Drop. Live in the adventure of this fiction short story.
Click Here

5/26/02 - New Photos: Summer Cool Spot
Some new photos have been added to the Summer Cool Spot page. These new photos are of some great winter sports and cannot be found elsewhere on Avalanche - Outdoor Sports Online.
Click Here

5/26/02 - New Microsite: Summer Cool Spot
The microsite will be a seasonally changing part of the site that provides videos and photos for sports that occur during different seasons. The Summer Cool Spot has some great videos and photos of winter sports.
Click Here

5/24/02 - New Section: Whats New
The Whats New section will highlight the new additions and recent updates to Avalanche - Outdoor Sports Online. Coming soon: More events, photos, and articles.