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Mt. Bike Chain Tips

Mt. Biking is a great way to have fun outdoors and stay in shape, except when that stupid chain pops off! Learn some great tips on how to keep the chain on the gears and keep you riding without worries.

Tip #1: Keep the chain, cogs, and gearteeth clean and lubbed. Wash the chain, cogs and gearteeth with dish soap and water. You will want a rag and a toothbrush to really get it clean. Get all the grease and dirt off the chain. To really get it clean use a special solvent, usually bio-degradable and non-flammable, to clean your chain. The application of the solvent is very easy, put it on the chain generously, let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe the excess off with a rag. A thoroughly clean chain will shift smoother. This will help keep the chain from popping off while shifting.

Tip #2: Shift where it is smooth. If you are shifting on a rough section the chain will get bumped around, normally this is okay because the chain is tight, but when shift your chain is allowed to slack so it can switch cogs and one good bump on a loose chain will easily let that sucker fly!

Tip #3: Shift before going uphill Your chain, as mentioned in the previous tip, needs slack to shift. When going uphill you need to push harder when pedaling to get the bike to move. The chain is taught and shifting will be much harder to achieve. Any time shifting is harder than usual a chain pop off is more likely. So to avoid this, shift before you need to, you will beprepared and the shifting will occur smoother.

Tip #4: Get a tune up If your chain seems to be constantly popping off your bike may be in need of a tune up. The derailleur may be malfunctioning and having it fixed will help you out on the trails. Take your bike over to your local bike shop and explain your problems, they should know what to do.

So four simple tips will help your chain stay on course. Four simple tips and some experience will help even more so grab your bike and get on the trails.

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