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Outdoor Green

In an attempt to gain access to the millions of outdoor sports participants in America non-profit organizations have gone outside to look for green, MONEY. Fundraisers incorporating a fun activity are gaining popularity for these organizations. Some of these fundraisers have been going on for years while other ones are brand new. Now you can have fun and raise money for a good cause!

Some of the older outdoor fundraisers include road races, road bike races and tours, and a few alpine ski races. These activities are still thriving but they don't seem as original. There are road races almost every warm weekend in areas across the country. Runners swarm the roads and their race fee usually goes to a good cause. Bike races are less frequent but raise money the same way. Bike tours usually require the rider to solicit pledges for riding in the tour. In the past there have been a few alpine ski race fundraisers. The skiers raise money through pledges for the non-profit organization.

The real focus of this article is on the "new school" of outdoor fundraisers. The sports you crave are being used for similar fundraisers. Kayaking is a new trend. Kayakers collect pledges and spend a day kayaking along a course. The Kayak Rendezvous in Casco Bay, Maine has three separate courses for each skill level. The goal point of each course is an island where the kayaker gets a tour of the island, rest, and relax and then head back to the starting point. Mountain bike races are popping up as well. Races rise and fall through grueling and exciting courses. Race fees usually benefit the organization. Nordic skiing, canoeing, adventure races, and trail running are all developing into fundraisers as well.

So next time you go looking for a quest, make it a quest to raise money for a good cause and a way for you to play outside.

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