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...Hello Spring

Winter is gone and it is time to get ready for an action packed spring and summer. What will you do for fun? What awesome events will be going on? This article will make sure you don't spend your summer lounging by the pool.

Spring and summer are the seasons most people get outside. After a long winter of cabin fever the will to go outside can drive some people mad. Okay, so your outside, what now? Well, location is key. Mountain biking is great if you life near some trails where biking is accepted. Make sure the trails provide some challenge to keep you going back for more. Trail running is great in areas where the trails don't welcome your two-wheeler. Running on a trail keeps you away from dangerous streets and smelly traffic. Plus, with trees flying past you, you feel like you are going faster. No trails at all? Head for the water. The water is a little cold to swim, surf, or skim but it is great for paddling sports like kayaking, canoeing, and even some white water rafting. The dams are starting to let out some water and the raft companies are already running trips. If you don't live in an area that offers any of these activities head to the rock gym, it is close to being outdoors and is a great workout. If you can't do any of these near where you live, why do you live there?!

Now for what the best outdoor athletes are getting ready for. There are many big events coming up this year. First up: Balance Bar 24 Hour Adventure Racing, with grueling events taking place across the country this year you should really check this out. You may get tired just watching there people Mt. Bike, climb, kayak, repel, trek and navigate for about 24 hours. Ever try to read a map at night? What about rock climbing in the dark? Another cool event is the Gorge Games, July 13-21. Athletes compete in all your favorite outdoor sports at the Colombia River Gorge, Oregon. Third, if you have an IMAX theatre near you check out ESPN's "Ultimate X." This will be large screen action sports kicking you in the face. Check it out and enjoy.

So, if you have nothing to do this spring and summer, don't come crying to us. This summer lounging by the pool will be uncool so keep active and get outside.

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